Full Body Traditional Thai Massage

We offer relaxation for your body and mind. Visit us at EVERGREEN THAI MASSAGE for a full body traditional Thai Massage.

We welcome clients from Kensington, Flemington and surrounding areas. Contact us today.

Effective Therapies

During a Traditional Thai Massage session the therapist uses his/her thumb, palm, elbow, knee and foot pressure along important energy lines whilst moving the body through a sequence of stretches.

The therapy helps control breathing and circulation issues, improves flexibility, alignment and posture, and reduces stress. Contact us at EVERGREEN THAI MASSAGE for more details.

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Full Body Traditional Thai Massage Abbotsford, VIC

Expert Therapists

Full Body Traditional Thai Massage Richmond,

At EVERGREEN THAI MASSAGE we have both male and female therapists for your convenience. We offer services to both men and women of all ages, whilst keeping in mind each client's individual needs.

Soothe your body and mind with a Relaxation or Traditional Thai Massage. Visit us today.

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